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Matthew Johnson_778
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Hello! Currently, it's impossible to view the total $$$ amount with any given client in a filter view. 

There's some ability to view the total won deals dollar amount when looking at the Deals page, but nothing yet that allows a user to view the total dollar amount when looking at Organizations.

It would be very useful to be able to rank organizations by the total amount of business they've actually placed with us. Dev team, can you *please* make a filter that allows a user to view this information more easily on the Organizations page? 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Matthew Johnson you can workaround this by going to the deal list view and creating a filter where you filter for all deals linked to a specific company. It will then show the total value on the top of your list as always. Do we have any plans to tackle this in reporting @Seda ?

  • Matthew Johnson_778
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    Thanks Mike. We've been using that workaround but it's insufficient when you have a large client list. It's easy to know who your top few clients are, but what about when you're trying to sort out the top 50 to send them all a seasonal gift or mailer? 


    It would be great if you all could help up come up with a solution for this. Thank you! @Seda @Mike van der Valk 

  • Seda
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    Hi @Matthew Johnson ! Thank you for the feedback! Have you already tried new Insights feature? It is possible there to group results by organizations and see which organization has the most amount/value of won deals.

  • Marcin Kwiecinski
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    I totally agree with @Matthew Johnson.

    It make no sense that in CRM solution I cannot view of my best buying companies or contacts.