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is there a way to ask for first and last name in a webform? We use german as  out main language and there it is necessary to differentiate. Is there a way to translate the form? Is there also a way to ask the salutation? We need to send out personalized emails and therefore need the correct salutation.

Cheers Pascal

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Pascal 

    Unfortunately, the only way to be able to split up first- and last name is to create custom fields for these and add them to your web forms. However, during the form set-up you can pick the language, German is also available. 

    For salutation the same, this can be stored in a custom field you need to create. I'll pass on your feedback to our team though!

  • Reinhard Puntigam
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    I am afraid that this is sort of still unsolved. The main headache comes with webforms creating leads and susequently deals: In many languages, it is extremely helpful to make people enter their first and last names in different fields because there simply is no other way of knowing which is which. Currently, Pipedrive's approach assumes that all substrings of a name but the last are first names. That's overly optimistic as many people are used to write their last name(s) first, even in languages where first names should usually go first. 

    The real pain for the user comes when a lead is converted into a deal. In the conversion window, a custom first names field isn't even shown (and can't be configured to show), so you are basically reduced to cut & paste data from the lead window. 

    I am sure this can be done better.