Date-Time Stamp - Strike-Through

Is there a way to date stamp a line in a note. I know the entire note is stamped, but it would be nice to timestamp individual lines in a note.

Also - how are we doing on the strike-through?

In general, any improvement in the notes would be welcome. This message board has more features than in the app.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Ed Stephenson 

    Thanks for sharing. This community is powered in the background by a third party tool called therefore there can be discrepancies between this and our own app. I'll make sure though our team sees your suggestions!

  • Dennis_66723
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    We need a HOT key like F5 in MS Note Pad that post the Time and Date..

  • T. A.
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    I also need to date stamp a line in notes. Any development on this?