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Terry Yonker
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I am working around the workflow limitations and would love to see if anyone can improve or advise different hacks.  Pipedrive please see your potential fixes below..

  1. Opportunity: Limit on number of steps in a single Automation
    1. Hack: Label 'Step 9, 1 of 2' and Step 9, 2 of 2'
    2. Pipedrive Fix: Put max 20 steps
  2. Opportunity: Limit on number of automations to force you to upgrade to the next level
    1. Hack: Turn on the automations when you use them, off when you don't
    2. Hack 2: Build in other user's account
    3. Pipedrive fix:  increase the number of allowed automations.


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Terry Yonker if I understand you correct you'd like to have the option to create more workflows under one user and have one workflow contain multiple steps. There's various reasons for the limits but the 2 main ones are:

    • Security/performance: we can't have too much load going on in your account as this can decrease performance. Technically someone with bad intentions can use hack in and overload the account.
    • Cost: Building/maintaining and having the feature work comes with a cost. Not just for the developers working on it, but also for our services running it. 

    For these and other reasons these limits are there.

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