Product Combo Templates in Deal Module

As a business, we offer our clients multiple products but often they'll receive the same combination of products.

We'd find it really useful to create templates of different combinations of products that allow you to quickly load what's relevant for each deal. 

So for X, you get 1,2,3,4+5 or for Y you get 2,3,6+7.

Would it be possible to create template deal with a mix of products to save selecting multiple products each time?

I'd see it living in the 'Add products to deal' module.

Is that possible? Hopefully others would find that useful! 


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Paul Fernley 

    Thanks for sharing, interesting suggestion. I'll make sure the team sees it.

    In the meantime what you can do is just set up a new deal in Piperive, call it template X and add all products there. Then when you need it you can simply duplicate this deal, change the title, add the contacts to it, etc..

    Not perfect but it works.