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There are two sides to the company I do Business Development for: software sales & services for a software solution we produce and support, and project-based consulting

We have a roster of third party consultants with varying skills that we are able to bid on tendered projects. I need to keep track of their areas of expertise, availability, billable rate, location, and other info to match resources with projects we are able to bid on.

Does anyone here use Pipedrive to manage consulting resources? I am trying to figure out if it would do what I need it to do and am looking for ideas. I am thinking about creating some custom fields, and a web form for each consultant to fill out to provide their details and keep them up to date.  Then, I could search for matches when a tender comes out to know who would be a good fit.

Has anyone tried something like this/have better ideas?


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    Hi @Sue Steckle 

    I hope some other Pipedrive users will chime in in the coming days but I think you're pretty much on the right track. You need to make sure you log the information of the consultants and of the tenders. This can perfectly be done in custom fields.

    Then you can indeed use web forms or user access for the consultants to make sure their data is up to date. All you then need to do is filter out information based on certain entries in custom fields so you can find matches. You can also use labels to split and later filter those consultants and tenders to make it more visually easy.

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    Hi @Sue Steckle  - So glad you are looking into this. I am starting to explore the possibilities for my firm as well. Have you been able to leverage Pipedrive to manage your consulting resources? 

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