How do you use Pipedrive?

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I live & work in the Kansas City area, I sell long-term care insurance as a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider by phone serving a 4 state area... Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, & Arkansas.  Since I get around 70 leads per month Pipedrive (PD) is terrific tool for tracking my lead communication, sales tracking, and client servicing.  2 areas I'd love to see PD improve:  Lead age calculation based birthday & post sale commission tracking.  I've been using Pd for about 1 years.   What is your line of business & how is PD working for you?



  • Paul Bliss_809
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    I live in the Philippines the past 3 1/2 years and have been using PD for about 4 years, it keeps improving, and we love it.  Good luck with your business and stay safe.

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    I work for a Seattle based Molecular Lab and we do Real-Time qPCR testing for the Medical and Dental fields.  Our tests are exactly the method of testing that is being done for COVID-19.   I have been using PD for about 2 years now and have over time started to use more aspects of the platform.  I use activities a lot and the mobile app.  I would love to see improvement is the mobile app ie voice to text.