Webforms don't show all fields.

Stephan Schneider
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Hi there,

I'm trying to use webforms and have some issues. 

If I generate a custom field (f.e. a custom date field),  this doesn't always show up in the options available in the webform gernerator.

Although it states that all of the option fields should be available. 

What am I missing?

Best regards, S


  • Saša Batovanja
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    Hi @Stephan Schneider, our Web Forms should support the date custom field, if defined in your data field settings. You can see the example on image below.

    Also keep in mind that Web Forms support the following custom fields:

    • Text
    • Large Text
    • Single Option
    • Multiple Option
    • Date
    • Address
    • Monetary
    • Numerical
    • Phone

    Hope this helps.

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