How can I match an e-mail with a lead?

Or write a e-mail starting in the lead, not in the contact of person?

If you open the lead a few days later you are also not see the Correspondence. I think this would be important for a lot of Pipedrive User.

Is there any solution about this?

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    Hi @Patrick Uhlmann !

    You can send an email to a Lead by simply clicking their email address and composing your message in the PIpedive Inbox. Currently it won't be linked to the Lead itself but it will be linked to the Person linked to the Lead, so you can see your emailing history in the Person's detail view.

    I can also tell you that one of our plans for Leads is to make this connection more fluid (for example, seeing the email you sent without having to leave the Lead screen). Check this and more exciting plans for Leads in this announcement we made.

    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: