Feedback for Web Visitors for leads

What exactly is pipedrive trying to accomplish with this feature? 
Is this a reverse IP lookup that will compliment Google Analytics? If so, it would be great to have a sync with GA.
Is this similar to Clearbit?

Quality control is a must on the current version. Not a great explanation on the scale of quality.
Great idea but needs loads of work.

I would like to not buy clearbit so I am interested.

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  • Priit Parmann
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    Hi @John Shelburne,

    Thank you for your questions and feedback. Web Visitors indeed makes use of IP reverse lookup. It is powered by Leadfeeder and they used to be working based on Google Analytics data but have since developed their own tracker script and proprietary methods to identify even more companies visiting a website than with GA. Web Visitors does not utilize Clearbit.

    Quality control is a must on the current version. Not a great explanation on the scale of quality.

    By that do you mean that we don't explain well enough what does the visitor quality mean? And could you elaborate a bit more on "Quality control is a must"?

  • John Shelburne
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    Your ranking the quality of the visit by pageviews. That doesn't really help me if the wrong company is tied to the visit. So what I mean by quality control is that the organization coming in from the web needs to be correct.

    Thanks for the info on Leadfeeder.

    Are you planning to integrate the full suite of ABM tools?

  • Vincent Chow
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    Is it good for Asia companies?

    My understanding is that when web visitors visit our website, PD matches it with the IP based on PD database of company IPs.  Is your IP database primarily US- focused?  

    Is it any good for companies like us based in Asia/ Hong Kong and Singapore?

    The thing is that G.A tells me there were 10 unique visitors to our site for a specific country yet PD only registered 1 visitor based on the IP. Thank you.