BULK EDIT incomplete function


I find the BULK EDIT function incomplete tool.

I can:

  • Keep existing value
  • Replace value
  • Delete value

But I can't APPEND others values if I'm working on TAG columns. 

The pipedrive support suggestion is to use "import" function but the tools is for administrator only, so how can I allow the user to be autonomous ?


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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Administrator Pipedrive , we're sorry to hear you're having this inconvenience.

    In that case you'll need to ask the Admin user to either import the spreadsheet themselves or to give you permission to do imports too. 

    They don't need to make you an Admin user for that, they just need to change the settings in Company Settings > Manage Users  Permission Sets > Regular Users > Import Items.

    In any case, I've taken your feedback and sent it to our team for consideration in future developments.

  • Sven Amann_76110
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    Yes! We would highly appreciate appending in Bulk Edit, too!