Create more detailed Webhooks

It would be nice to have the option to create more detailed webhooks. E.g. run the webhook only if a specific field in a deal has been updated, not for any change in the deal in general. 

This would improve the interaction with third party applications like Integromat (maybe Zapier as well). 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Timo Degen I've passed it on to our teams ;) 

  • Is there an update on this? I've been wanting to create more detailed webhooks for ages. Right now, I have to rely on processing data at the endpoint to narrow down and filter whether an action should be triggered or not, which in most cases is just not realistic and uses too much compute time/concurrency.

    It would be much better to have what the OP asked for: only trigger webhooks when certain conditions are met.