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Bernd Auer
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I know, this topic already was discussed a lot, but not in the community and I just heard it again :-)

It would be great if Pipedrive had custom fields which are only shown when a certain value is in another field. With this feature you would have a lot of opportunities:  Different Lead Qualification Criteria according to the size of a company or for different products. Regional specifications like tax requirements. 

If you are going all the way, you would allow dependencies for custom fields depending on the pipeline or phases. 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Great suggestion @Bernd Auer I've heard it before. I know we're currently working on some other gems in the fields area but tagging @Kirill Grebtsov here for the visibility of your feedback ;) 

  • Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant -
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    This is a very powerful suggestion. 

    It will decrease the load on filling out all the details at once.

    For example, until you're in the Discussion stage of a pipeline (assuming there is one), you don't know when a deal is expected to close, or even the value of the deal if it's a more complex sale.

  • SENS
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    Would be awsome! Looking forward for this development! : )

  • Harald Steindl
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    100% agree.

    My use case is not really pipeline specific but the sheer amount of custom fields we need to have for both contacts and organizations.
    Currently we refrain from adding all the ones we actually would need because it would be an "endless" list.

    1. Just think of this made up example:

    Custom field 1 =  Motorist: Yes/No

    If 1 = Yes
    Custom field 1.1 =  Car driver:  Yes/No
    Custom field 1.2 =  Motorbike driver:  Yes/No

    IF 1.1 = Yes
    Multiple Choice of 
     Custom field 1.1.1= Toyota
     Custom field 1.1.2= BMW

    IF 1.2 = Yes
    Multiple Choice of 
     Custom field 1.2.1= Kawasaki
     Custom field 1.2.2= Harley

    You get the idea. 
    We are not car dealers, but want to keep track of capabilities (certifications, trainings, ..).
    Since those trainings are arranged in certain tracks and levels, we would like to mimic this as close as possible in PipeDrive. 


    2. Maybe an entry step towards DEPENDENCIES would be a simply HIERARCHY for custom fields:

    We use Pipedrive across multiple departments but not only sales. Different Pipelines take care of chasing actual product sales on one hand but also trying to get marketing partners via another pipeline. 
    Obviously both teams want to have different custom fields for contacts to categorize "their" prospects and YES, there is some overlap.
    So the idea of "custom field folders" comes to mind, where you can have a clean UI with the option of drilling down "Finder/Explorer-Style" into the more specific fields categories.

    Does this all makes at least some sense to you fellow PipeDrivers?

    All the best

  • SENS
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    Hi @Kirill Grebtsov ! Any update on this awsome feature?


  • Antoni_3526
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    I would be make the same question, because I have a lot of personalized items

  • Bernd Auer
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    @Mike van der Valk  and @Kirill Grebtsov , any updates on this? Just heard this requirement again. In this case the visibility according to pipelines. 

  • Jens Bohse
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    Would also be great if it was made dependent on the products. For some products, for example, you need a performance period and for some not.

  • Love this. A v1 implementation of this would simply be to allow fields to be visible/invisible by stage and pipeline just as fields can be made important/required. This would be great for customers trying to manage unique processes in unique pipelines and great for Pipedrive as it would provide customers with a reason to upgrade their plans.

  • Mauricio Dabdoub_26700
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    Of course we need this, is critical for a best use of fields, I dpn't understand why the developer team do not front it, should be in the first level of priorities.

    I just asked the same topic in another post and I see this post...amaizing, many of us asking the same clients need this solution.


  • Sebastian Eberhardt
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    Please update asap - we need this feature urgently (it´s a standard in hubspot) 

  • Another simple use case:

    Chatbot asks website visitor "what is your name?

    Visitor: My name is "XXX"

    Chatbot: (If [name] is not empty then)"Nice to meet you xxx"