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Kate Walker
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Hi all,

I'm really hoping someone can help me with an issue I've been having in the Documents BETA. I have successfully created  number of other documents using custom fields pulled from the Deal, but I've hit an error when I try to include a Product Table in a document...

Objective: Generate a sale quote from a deal using products selected

I've created a template and pulled all the appropriate fields (including a product table) into the template. I've selected products against the deal and then tried to generate the document, but when I open the doc, I get the following error. 


If I click 'open in desktop app', it doesn't like it either


I started drilling down on the way that I generated the documents but the method of template building didn't change the outcome (from scratch / from Work desktop / Word online). 

I then removed the table from the template completely - document generated correctly with merge fields - so its definintely an issue with the table

I then re-created he table from scratch, copying in the merge fields - got the error

I then took the product fields out of the table and stuck them in a blank doc template, with a few other standard fields (Name, Value, Project). The document generated and the standard fields pulled through, but the product fields didn't, even though there's products associated to the deal. 


So now I'm thinking that it's a combo error - the product info isn't pulling into the template at all AND the doc generator doesn't like the product table (other tables with standard custom fields worked fine)

I'm really hoping someone can help me here - the ability for use to quickly generate a quote document from Pipedrive is integral for our business. If there are better app integrations that you've found to generate quotes, please let me know too.

Thanks in advance! 




  • Clarissa Silvino
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    Hello, @Kate Walker, thank you for reaching. 

    I'm Clarissa, part of the Management Team at Pipedrive Support and since this seems to be a technical problem, it would be good if you reach out to our Support Team via the email or live chat. Our team will investigate what is happening in order to help you out.

  • Kate Walker
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    Thanks Clarissa!