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We are working on a nice project to develop Reporting and Forecasting for a company.
They have 20 sales people in two teams who follow 7 markets in 3 continents and they are growing.
The project went well beyond just reporting tool set up, that would be too easy, we went through data architecture, defining what was working and what didn't, how the dataset should be planned in order to optimise R&F outputs.
The outcome of the project has been wide and deep, the company found lot of deals forgotten along the process contacts never touched, missed data in Deals as well in orgs and people. Essentially a wrong use of many Pipedrive features, especially about Activities Management. The reporting shows the lack of consistency of salespeople in tracking activities done and in keep constant touch with counterparts in deals.

The company also reviewed the Sales Process as a whole, setting it for a more efficient use.
We set up a BI tool combined with some Pipedrive dashboards and DB queries, the two together offers a much better experience in data rendering.

We are proud to serve clients well beyond expectation.


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