Improvement suggestion on user management: users without licence

We are a company in which every employee makes deals. Not all of them is actively managing accounts and deals, and therefor not using pd. The salesteam of course is using pd intensively. We have active licences for the sales team on a per person basis, which is fine and working as expected.

The challenge is to log Deals WON for employees who make deals who are not actively using pipedrive. It's financially not attractive/logical to only create a user (and pay for a licence) to add won deals (solely for administration & reporting purposes).

Suggested solution is to add users without the ability to login and use pipedrive. So it's possible for existing, active, licenced pipedrive users to attach deals to this new kind of user in pipedrive (the employee who doesn't actively uses pipedrive).

An extra solutions is that this also applies for companies and contactpersons. If you think it a bit further through, you also need some kind of lite-user, who only uses the CRM (companies, contactpersons) to look up phonenumbers or mailaddresses. In our case this can be the office manager, she arranges on target earnings and manages suppliers (who are in our CRM as well), but she doesnt use deals or pipelines. Think about it.....


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