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Trying to setup the factfind for mortgages & protection sales.  Does anyone know how to organise the custom fields for a client so it's not just one massive list of fields in the right hand side of the contact record.  Ideally need it grouped somehow.  

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  • Nicki Kane
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    Hey Martin,

    I've been mulling this over for a while too- fortunately I've just found a great support company here in NZ that provide the FF in an excel doc that then feeds into their CRM, so my problem got solved for me! 

    I've always run Pipedrive as more of a marketing and communication CRM alongside a custom risk CRM, because they typically don't deal with those things well. Could you maybe do up your FF in excel and then set up a zapier integration to feed the info into different areas of PD etc? (Not sure if you have to produce a statement of advice like we do here, but some info is only required for that so a zap from the excel doc to the SOA in word works well ie not all info has to go to Pipedrive.) Sorry for the somewhat waffly answer- it's late here ;-) 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Great suggestions @Nicki Kane in the meantime when you check if this works for you @Martin Lightbowne I've added the "feedback & feature suggestions" tag to your post so our team is aware of your suggestion.

  • Conduit Projects
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    Hi @Mike van der Valk

    I've a similar requirement and I was wondering if the problem could be resolved by creating an App Panel ?



  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Mike van der Valk

    I've a similar requirement and I was wondering if the problem could be resolved by creating an App Panel ?



    Hi @Conduit Projects

    Absolutely, simply follow the instructions on the page you linked. See this section: How can I add an app panel to Pipedrive?

  • Graham Cox_55849
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    Would love to see this feature. It's really desperately needed. I don't think a techy option like app panels is the answer for most users, it would be much better to have built in functionality.

    I'm a mortgage broker too and I've got dozens of custom fields in deal view which is fast becoming one long jumbled mess. Finding the right piece of info quickly when you're on the phone with a prospect is difficult.

    I don't understand why you'd allow 100 custom fields but have no way of sorting or categorising them with headings/collapsible headings etc to make them easier to view.

  • The ability to group custom fields (and all fields) is a really needed feature in the system to help organize data points for end users. We have several dozen custom fields and it's frustrating for end users when they're in one long list and they have to sort through all of them to find what they need. Can someone from Pipedrive please provide an update on when this feature will be available? I'm seen this same request posted over the past three years and no improvements. Unfortunately, for us, this is a big enough pain point that is making us look at other solutions where it is standard functionality. Anything you can do to push this up the priority list NOW would be greatly appreciated.