Workflow Automation triggered by time based conditions

Hey Team,

support told me that workflow automation triggered by a time based condition is not available as of now. I have been referred to use Zapier instead however could not really work out anything I wanted.

Let me give You a quick example:

I love the rotten days feature. But what I really need is a workflow automation that triggers after a deal rottens for x amount of days (amazing it would be if individual stages could be addressed too). The moment am pushing lots of deals through my pipelines am eager to have an automatic house keeping tidy up the stages/pipelines in the background, idle deals and maybe transfer them into another pipeline dedicated for the slow-mo deals.

Time based triggers can do so much more and users are gonna love this feature!


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  • Marcelo Silva_43
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    Uma das coisas que poucas pessoa usam são Filtros como condições para gatilhos.


    Então você pode sim, criar uma automação que é disparada quando um negócio esta sem ser atualizado em X dias.

    1º crie um filtro que corresponda ao tempo que você quer de gatilho.
    2º crie uma automação de NEGOCIO Atualizado



    qq coisa pode me chamar 48991555002


  • Martin Pfeiffer
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    Thanks Marcelo,

    for the great advice!

    I think I got stuck around the rotten days feature since it pin pointed perfectly the actual problem of the deal hence overlooked the last deal activity time filter. I set up a new automation already and hopefully will see soon the first deals moving based on my condition as expected.


  • Zachary_25412
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    Fyi -we built an integration that can move deals based on the amount of time it has been in a stage. Going on the marketplace soon. If interested contact [email protected]

  • Jan Pecinovsky
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    I second that! it would be also great for delayed emailing.. "IF no reply in 5 days THEN move to the next stage"

  • I also want this feature, but for a slightly different use case.

    Our prospects are seasonal businesses. It only makes sense to reach out to them at specific times in their cycle, but every organization has a different season. So we'd like to kick off campaigns X days after a date that we populate in a custom field on the organization.

  • @Zachary_25412 Anything that you can share?

  • Check out - can help with time based automations for pipedrive.

  • Thank you @Zachary_25412. Unfortunately, I am getting a 403, site not available in your country.

  • Try using a VPN to the US- I think the site is only accessible to the USA.