Adding a person from 'Contacts/People' page to a Lead does not copy the contact info (email, phone e

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Hello All,

I have added a number of individuals to 'Contacts/People' page. I click on one name and in the details page, I click on the 'Add new lead' button at the top. It opens an 'Add Lead' popup. In the Add Lead window, the Contact Name, Organization and Title fields are copied from the Person record. However, the email and phone number are not mapped to the respective fields in the Add lead window even though they exist in the individual record.

Additionally, need an ability to bulk add people to Deals or Leads directly from the 'Contacts/People' page.


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    Hi @Srini , thank you for your input!

    I tested this in my own account and indeed when you click to create a new lead the fields for email and phone number show up empty. But they do get transferred into the Lead that gets created.

    Indeed this can confusing  for the user, so I've made sure to forward your feedback to our team so they can take it into consideration in future developments. We appreciate it!


    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: