Bulk Deals/Leads generation feature

Good afternoon you all,

 I'd like to share with you a need we have in our Company: if I catch up (for example) 400 contats and/or organizations using a filter, I am not able to create 1 deal (or, better, a lead) for each contact filtered without moving forward one by one.

The bulk lead generation feature, would probably be the best fit for this need, because it's more similar to the sales process in the real life:
1) I have a list of potential client to contact (leads ideally should be  "bulk" created from a filter to the Contact/Organization Data Base)
2) I try to open a new deal for each of them as much as I can
3a) If I'll manage, I am already able to convert a lead into a deal
3b)If I won't manage, I am able to archive the lead (a reason for archiviation would be a "nice to have", even using the same "lost reason" list available in the deals section (if easier)

Is there someone else who may be intereseted in such a feature? What's your thoughts?

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