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I think Pipedrive is by far one of the finest CRM Tools in the market today (I have used 15+ CRM's so i know it). Right from the simple yet super effective user interface till the user experience part, everything seems to be good. 

But here is something which bothers me. I'm using Zoho CRM and Pipedrive falls short of all the automation features. Zoho CRM has robust automation features & customization options. 

I would most definitely want to fully migrate to Pipedrive but on hindsight it could be an issue because of the said reasons.

Pipedrive's growth spurt has been stupendous and nothing short of Awe & I'm very sure Pipedrive will overtake every other CRM in user adaptability down the line (especially now that Raj from Zoho has joined Pipedrive)

Anyways, I'm inquisitive to understand what are the various automation features which the product team is working on. Also, most SaaS Firms publish and share their Roadmap (Features yet to be released) with their users. Does Pipedrive have such thing?

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