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Zena Markham
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We have just opened a new showroom and trying to find the best way to organise the calendar. Does anyone know of a good way to integrate this with Pipedrive. Need it to make an activity on Pipedrive when it is booked on the calendar or when an activity is booked on Pipedrive it needs to be entered on the calendar. This also comes onto a point, would be great if 2 people could be assigned an activity rather than making two activities. This needs to be a calendar that is live and can be seen by all the teams so we don't double book (especially with the current situation).

Looked at using the calendar in Pipedrive but this only shows a week and need more like a month view. If this could happen then that looks like a good solution.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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    Hi @Zena Markham , thank you for your question!

    You can include more than one user and/or invitee in the Activities you create in PIpedrive by adding them as guests, see here how.

    Whichever solution you end up using I would always recommend using our 2-way calendar sync, so that regardless where the event is originally created it always shows up in PIpedrive and vice-versa. 

    Scheduler is a great feature to avoid double bookings (especially paired with the 2-way calendar sync) but unfortunately at the moment only one person can pick a slot at a time. The workaround would be to manually add the remaining people as guests to the activity it generates in Pipedrive, but I suppose that goes against the point. 

    Alternatively, I would recommend you take a look at the Calendar Sync integrations available in our marketplace or maybe use Calendly, which is quite popular, and sync it's calendar with Pipedrive.

    Hope that helps! 🚀