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I'd like to have your insights in solving an automation procedure. We have created a custom-field of a referral person, so every time a person is touching base with us after receiving our details by word-to-mouth,  not only we create a new Person, we also indicate the name of the person who referred that lead to ys. For example, if John Doe contacting us, we indicate that Sarah Smith referred John to us in that custom field.  What we want to automate is a thank-you workflow, so every time we update the referral person details, PD will send a Thank you email to Sarah, and not John. (Needless to say that we always update the referrals details, including email address prior to attaching the names when necessary)

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    Hi Omer!

    At the moment it's not possible to use a placeholder in the automation to email the person who referred, unfortunately. I would suggest you take a look at the integration platforms available in our marketplace, as they allow you to create automations outside the scope of our own native features. I did a quick search for you, take a look here.

    I can also tell you that we're working on expanding the capabilities of our Automations in the coming months, but I can't promise if this is one of the lucky ones :)

    Here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: