Replacing Calendly with Scheduler

Would be great if Pipedrive had better abilities in their Scheduler tool. For example, being able to embed the Scheduler into a web page and also having a separate 'success' page so we can track conversion rates (from landing pages). 

We're trying to push all leads into Pipedrive, meaning we won't use Calendly anymore and we will eventually (hopefully) use Scheduler as our go-to for booking meetings. 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Jack Tugwell 

    Thanks for the great feedback. I've also added the "Feedback" tag to this post and I'll make sure our team sees your suggestion. Hopefully we can improve this in the future!

  • Rogier van Wagtendonk
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    Yes completly agree. Will keep using Calendly now because of just a few simple essentials for me now;

    1. Branding 
    2. Cleaner planning link
    3. Embed option
    4. Custom succes page or integration with Google/Facebook/LinkedIn pixels