Syncing issues continue

Vince DiSciullo
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My syncing issues continue and Pipedrive has not supported getting it fixed! I'm posting this because I'm completely frustrated and keep on getting told it's being worked on and the trouble is on Pipedrive end. This has been the same message/update I've gotten for two weeks now. I really need some help as my email has not synced since Sept. 11.

Can someone with technical skills look into my issue and resolve...PLEASE! 



  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Hey, Vince,

    I am sorry to hear that you are affected by an email sync bug on your account.

    I will reach out to you via email/in app chat to discuss it!

    Talk to you soon,

    Kind regards,


  • Tim McWilliam
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    We're experiencing the same issue and have been for over 12 months now. We report the issues to Pipedrive where they give stupid excuses and have us do the same reset over and over again. They try to blame my team saying we delete our own emails or it's own mail servers fault. It's hopeless. we don't know what to do other than to leave Pipedrive..