"Show on Map" option in the Activity list to easily locate meetings at a certain date

User story: as a Cold Caller booking meetings for the sales team I'd like to easlily pick the best Distance/Date option between meetings.

Suggestion: in the Activity list view, have the "Show on map" option (as in the Deal list view) plus having the ability to navigate back and forth in an agenda (as in the Activity column view) to display the location of the meetings planned during the selected period of time. 


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    Thank you for your suggestion and the screenshot  @Eric  , it really helps us understand your vision!

    As priorities and resource allocations for development have to be distributed, unfortunately not everything can be built or at least built in the near future. That being said, we appreciate your input and use it to give our teams thinking points to be considered in the future.

    I've made sure to forward your feedback to our team so they can take it into consideration in future developments. 

    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: