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I can’t seem to find a way for a client address to open directly into maps! I would love this feature...especially in the mobile app.  I would sync my contacts to my address books...but I have iCloud and that only syncs one direction. So when I’m on the road traveling to clients/projects...I have to copy/paste into maps. 😢

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    Hi @Kathryn Prideaux , we're sorry to hear you're having this trouble!

    Due to iCloud limitations, you can only set up a one-way sync between your iCloud contacts and Pipedrive. This means that any new contacts and updates made in iCloud will appear in your Pipedrive contacts list, but updates or new contacts created in Pipedrive will not appear in your iCloud contacts list. 

    Unfortunately at the moment the "Show on Map" feature does not exist in the mobile app, but if the address you have for your Organization is geolocated on Google Maps (if it's a blue hyperlink), when you tap it your mobile device should ask you if you want to see that address in Google Maps or other app you may have in your phone (I just tested it on mine, although it's an Android and I don't have an iOS where I can compare). However, The Nearby Feature only exists on mobile.

    I encourage you to try the procedure above and reach out to our Support team if the issue persists.

    See also this handy article: What features do the Mobile Apps have?


    That being said, I have forwarded your suggestion internally to our team so they can consider it in future developments.

    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: