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I am trying to create a filter that displays all of the people that I have not emailed or called in the last month.  My plan was to use the activity and create a filter if nothing has happened in the last month.  But it does not seem to work either with activity or email.  See picture below.  


This filter is still showing someone who has been emailed just a couple of days ago.  Do you see the error and why this would be the case?  I seem to be having a lot of issues with filters in pipedrive actually working and would appreciate it if anyone knows of any good resources as well.  



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    @Don Davis Hey hey! 

    Thank you for the patience. Vladimir from Pipedrive management team is here to assist :)

    The reason the filter you constructed is showing you contact people who you sent emails recently to - is because Emails and Activities are separate items in Pipedrive.

    And thus it makes it very challenging to filter out all people that you called or emailed within the last month.

    But please, take a look at the filter below and try to reconstruct it:



    Please make sure to also separate the conditions to the right filter sections. I am not sure how to approach explaining  the logic of the filter - but I hope it makes sense.

    Feel free to adjust it and,

    Have a great day ahead,

    Kind regards,