[dynamic fields] in the workflow are not paired to its names

I am trying to create a workflow for our office manager, who is responsible for invoicing and contracts to be finished. 

My idea - when someone moves deal to the last stage, send an email to our office manager.

I want in body of email

  • name of the deal
  • organization
  • pipeline
  • stage

However, I found, that it is not easy to do

  • name of the deal - I could not find this field in [dynamic fields] - only [Deal ID]
  • organization- this I was able to manage
  • pipeline - only to select show [deal pipeline ID]  - not paired to a specific pipeline name 
  • stage - same as pipeline

Is this currently a limitation or am I just not doing it right?


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Martin Pecha 

    The first two are available called:

    • Deal title
    • Deal organization name

    The other two aren't available in workflow automation but you actually create and email template that does include these merge fields inside the template and then use that template in your automation.

    Nonetheless, I'll updated our team to ask if we can make them available by default in the automation. Let me know if it worked out with the email template merge fields.