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Andy Newbom
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OK so the new navigation is great. I like it way better.


however one thing that me and my whole team always get extremely frustrated with is the icons on the side panel.

this person/calendar/calculator icon is confusing

the icon for people/organizations aka contacts is NOT clear. All of us think it looks more like a calendar than a person standing next to half a building.

its a SMALL issue, but man is it annoying to constantly click the contacts icon for the calendar.




  • Almonzer Eskandar
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    @Andy Newbom  I very much appreciate your feedback and will take this with our design team!  

    Did you know that using your numeric key 4 on your keyboard takes you to Calendar?

    While clicking on your numeric 5 on your keyboard takes you to People/ Org?

    Try it and let me know what you think! 

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