Allow LeadBooster to Save Incomplete / Partial Response.

I've been using some other chatbot for some time but wanted to move to leadbooster for better integration, however my chatbot flow are longer with qualifying questions, and my current chatbot allow me to save partial response, but leadbooster only allow to save lead when they complete the entire flow.

From our previous experience people might be interrupted when they're halfway finishing the chatbot flow, but that doesn't really mean they're not good leads, we have around 40% partial response from our chat bot, but we still manage to convert some of that into actual clients.

EDIT: It can also be letting us to continue adding more information after "qualified" the leads, so for example after we obtain their contact we qualified the leads, but we can continue to add capturing question to ask even more details from them, but if they chose to stop halfway or interrupt by a call or something, we would still already have them in leads

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Joseph Yap , these are some interesting ideas you're suggesting here!

    We appreciate your input and have used it to give our teams thinking points to be considered in the future.

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    Yes, I've been waiting this for a while already. I'm normally keen on setting up a complicated chatbot conversation to help the customer figure out the answers automatically. And yeah, customer may dropout at a certain step, even if I have collected the contact details very early - so I loose the lead.

    So the solution is not to use the Pipedrive chatbot, or make the bot very primitive...