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couple questions regarding automations from UI perspective:

  • Why is it not possible to open Automation in a new window? when i open it with the button, I can see that it is just a simple link that is being opened, so I don't understand why you have to use a button instead of just hyperlink so middle mouse click to open in a new tab would work. We have quite a few automations and I have to update some of them and it is the most annoying this to get to edit them, since it takes for ever to get to the edit page and you have to always go to edit, back, show more, show more, search, click and repeat...
  • Why you don't you load all automations at once? You can have maximum 100 automations on the enterprise account, so I don't know what stone age computer you would have to have to not be able to handle a list of 100 rows and it has to be split up. and even then, I would rather wait 1 mintute for the list to load once, then clicking 'Show more' 200 times just to update couple automations...
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