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This is for all of You who already prepared Your proposal template inside PD with merge tags:

In my case I added a custom field to organization = VAT# as important field which is mandatory information on all our financial documents as per local tax law if client obviously wants to claim back their paid VAT. This custom VAT# is added via its merge tag to our proposal template document. 

CAUSE: In case we do not receive the clients VAT certificate / number => this field remains BLANK

PROBLEM: the final created document will print the merge tag from the template instead of remaining blank, a normal behavior am used to from all the previous software I worked with merge tag capabilities!

Work Around: Delete the merge tag every time manually when it is open in Google Docs

Note: That I would like to use multiple custom fields in various positions within my templates but when these specific fields are empty all of those merge tags need to be removed by hand over and over again. This is not practical for us to built complex templates!

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