Type-ahead for Deal name in Sync'd Activity - add Organisation

Mark Haller
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This is quite a specific request so excuse me!

I use the Calendar Sync, so my calendar entries come into my Activities tab, which is great.

If I click into the Acitivity, I can see it's not assigned to a Deal, Organisation or Person.

I can't remember the names of all my Deals!   So ... if I have a deal called "New website" for "Lovely Client" if I type in "Love" - there's no typeahead, because there's no Deal Name with that name.   So I open another Google Chrome tab, see my list of Deals, get the right name and then go back to the Deal typeahead and start typing "New" - and I'm presented with "New website (Lovely website)" as the first option ... gaaaah!

So can I ask for something small - add the organisation name to the search typeahead in the Deal Name field :-)

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