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This is a major oversight in the chat bot feature. The chatbot only stores the chat log once the form has been completed. There is no way of looking at the information for any chats that have been abandoned i.e. they start but stopped half way through - a major flaw if used for leadgen/sales. Spoke to support who confirmed there are no plans to implement this, however a basic feature on many other automated chatbot platforms.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Jeffreys Henry LLP I've tagged your post with the "feedback" topic so that our team working on the chat in Pipedrive sees your feedback for future updates. Thanks again!

  • Daniel Hart
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    Fully agree with this. If someone has given you their email in the chat, but not got to the end of the flow, I should definitely be able to get their email to contact them.

    Also, need to get analytics about where in the flow people are dropping off.