Need to be able to LINK a Contact to a Deal from the Contact's page

Many times, I'll be on a contact's page and will want to link them to a deal or multiple deals.  PD does not offer the ability to do that.  There are 3 buttons on the Contact's page that allow the user to add a NEW deal, but not to LINK an existing deal.  Why not?  

Why should the user have to go into the Deal itself and add the Contact from there?  Why shouldn't we just be able to go on this page and LINK to an existing Deal OR CREATE a NEW Deal?

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Great feedback on the UI of Pipedrive @John McPhail I'll be passing this on to our team, thanks for sharing!

  • Tina M Christensen
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    Yes we need to be able to add and manage leads related to a deal quickly.  I have 5 leads on a deal that may or may not want to proceed and if we can see that within the deal, will help with the follow up process and priorities. Can we add leads within the deal as contacts. Thanks! Tina