The Ability to Link Deals Together

Alex_681 Posts: 3

Occasionally we have deals that are closely associated. It would be nice to able to link them together and potentially allow the ability to look up the other projects details. 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Alex I've passed it along ;) thanks for sharing. Potential workaround already is to create a "text type" custom field for your deals where you can add the link of another deal. Maybe not exactly what you're looking for but it will still give you the option to reach the "linked deal" with one click.

  • Michael Enslin
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    @Alex  - the custom tagging as per @Mike van der Valk  suggestion does work, and you can then setup reports in the new Insights beta to look at those specific deals together. 

    Alternatively, if the link is that both deals are associated to one brand/ head office/ holding company then create this organisation and link them as parent>daughter sites. I believe that Insights will soon be able to pull organisation and people data, so you could then look at these this way too. 

    Happy to link up and show you how I have achieved this if easier.