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Kunal Patil
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Hi Team - I'd like to highlight a feature requirement that shall help in avoiding repetitive manual task.

If some contacts are assigned to a single deal only and there is mail communication with those contacts, then the emails should sync automatically with the particular deal.


Currently this happens only for the primary contact that is assigned to the deal. The emails from the secondary/tertiary or other contacts needs to be linked with the deal manually from the mail box. This is time consuming and can be automated.


I understand it should not be possible if a contact has more than 1 deal assigned, but if they have just 1 deal assigned, its best to get them linked automatically - or at least give a selection if we want to get the mail linked automatically or not.


PS: Already escalated this with the support team.


Look forward to some resolution for this.


Thanks -

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    Hi @Kunal Patil , thank you for your feedback and I'm happy to hear you're already in touch with our Support team about this.

    As they have probably told you, you can set up your Pipedrive email sync to link emails automatically or manually to a deal whose their sender is listed as main contact.

    When sending emails to secondary contacts in that deal, a good way to make sure the message gets linked to the deal right away is to use the Smart BCC the moment you send the email. Learn how it works here.

    Hope this makes your life easier!

    That being said, I've made sure your suggestion reaches our team internally for consideration in future developments.

    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: