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James Wade
James Wade Posts: 1

Why when creating a deal does it not prompt you too add an activity, am I missing something or do I have a setting turned off?

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  • Elin Breime
    Elin Breime Posts: 1
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    It's not available for you to create an activity once adding a deal. I've been in contact with pipedrive about this as well. It would reduce at least 2-3 clicks by it already asking to create an activity when creating a deal. It makes sense to always have a next action when a deal is created. 
    I want this feature! 

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @James Wade  and @Elin Breime , thank you for your feedback!

    You can overcome this situation by creating an automation that immediately assigns a certain type of activity to a deal when the deal is created. 

    Learn all about building Workflow  Automations from our tutorial and quick video course. 💪

    That being said, I've made sure your suggestion reaches our team internally for consideration in future developments.

  • Minhaz Moosa
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    Excatly what @Inês Batata  says,

    Use the automation, which is exactly  what we do and it works really well :)