Edit Subscription start date on Open deals

Our deals will always consist of 2+ lump sum payments for initial build and setup before moving to a recurring monthly fee. The current Subscription functionality allows me to accurately reflect this using the Additional Payments option however if I want to amend the start date of the recurring amount the only way to do this is to delete the subscription and create a new one as the Edit option only allows me to edit the Subscription Amount and the Effective Date.

I understand why not letting the start date be amended on Won deals would be sensible so that previously earned revenue is not impacted on Insights. However, for Open deals, which can very easily be delayed for a month or more when moving in to production, it's not sensible to make me delete and rekey all the correct information on additional payment amounts, descriptions, recurring amounts and number of payments from the previous subscription, just to change the start date of the recurring amount.

Why can't the edit option for Subscriptions on the Revenue part of the Deal not just open up all the fields available when creating a new subscription so they can be edited?

1. Number of payments, Interval and Start date fields editable
2. Say delay during Setup or change in customer circumstances means recurring revenue start date is pushed back a month to 1 February 2021
3. The only way to reflect this is to delete the existing Subscription, rekey all the correct information (i.e. every data field apart from Start date) on a  new subscription
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    Hi @Ben Beaumont , thank you for your input and going through the trouble of sending us such a detailed breakdown, it's really helpful!

    We do realize the current option to delete and start over is not ideal and we're sorry for the trouble it's caused you. I have made sure your feedback reaches our team and that they use it as thinking points to be considered in the future.

    Speaking of which, here’s how to stay on top of what’s been released and what’s coming down the line: