Specifying a product provider or supplier in a Deal

Paul Downes
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Hi all,

I have set up a customised data field in products to identify the provider of my products. 

How can I include the provider when creating a Deal? When creating a deal it only allows me to add a product but I would also like to specify the provider of the product. 

Thanks for your suggestions.


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  • Make it a required field.

  • Paul Downes
    Paul Downes Posts: 39
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    Make it a required field.

    Thanks @Amit Sarda !!

  • Paul Downes
    Paul Downes Posts: 39
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    Make it a required field.

    Hi @Amit Sarda , just looked at this now. I made the provider a required field in deals, however, if I have a deal with multiple products, I would like to assign a provider for each of those products. Have you a work around there?

    I know I could create a new deal for each product but that is not what I want.

    You help is appreciated.



  • Make it a required field.

    Only solution that comes to mind is to create all combinations of products and providers and upload the list to Products.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Paul Downes !

    Another option could be including the name of the provider in the name of the product and not in the custom field. 

    If you prefer to have a custom field and there are many possible options, I would use a multiple-option type of custom field instead of single-option or text. If you've already created one of the latter, check with our Support team if it can be converted into a multiple-option one.