Enhancement Suggestion - more detail in the email/ calendar Sync

Extract from my Outlook Desktop (Pipedrive content in pale blue)

(Possible) future enhancement. A little more detail in the sync data would be appreciated - eg. With my Microsoft Outlook pipedirive only labels the appointment or activity with its activity type (unless I add more information in the activity heading eg pipedrive will supply only the word "Call" unless I modify the activity to "Call - Peter Brown". Any chance (in the future) for the system to supply a little more info?  The pale blue items are coming into outlook from the pipedrive sync - unless I add the extra detail in the pipdrive activity heading all I get is a list of "Call"(s) - the extra detail will assist me in prioritising or timing the calls.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Great suggestion,  passing this feedback along to our team!

  • Alan McTighe
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    Thanks Mike, would certainly assist me.  Cheers  Alan

  • František Soumar
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    Great suggestion,  passing this feedback along to our team!

    Great suggestion??? It was actually a feature in the older Pipedrive!!! Why did you drop it is beyond my understanding! Before I was able to set in Pipedrive, how exactly is the Calendar entry going to look like. I had the option to customize it, so my Calendar entries were customized, to include: Activity>Name>Company. Of course I could do whatever I wanted, but this was enough to keep the calendar easy to overview at a glance... Now I'm stuck with your system, where my calendar is full of "Calls" or "Meeting".... I am looking for an alternative to Pipedrive, unless you start actually making it better by bringing the good old functionality...