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One for the developers - it would be great to be able to build a report that shows deals that are flagged as "rotting" so that management can drill down on the reasons with their salespeople without having to review the entire funnel. 

If anyone's figured out how to create this kind of report and wouldn't mind sharing, I would appreciate it.  If not, and this can be added to a future release, that would be great!

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  • Martin Pfeiffer
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    Hey Marcus,

    not sure if that helps but having a simple list with all rotten deals is easy to achieve.

    1. Click Deals
    2. List View
    3. Filter = Rotten Deals

    => the only other important point here is to customize your List View / Data Columns so that all required information are available instantly for your review.

    Using Insights am unable to find Rotten Deals as a status that can be addressed, had requested similar thoughts at Suggestions for automation based on rotten deals / age in days

    However if You need a report based on Last activity date or Last stage change (which comes kinda close to it) that can be easily addressed inside a reports filter.

    • Pipeline / is any of / activate all needed pipelines
    • Status / is / Open
    • Last activity date or Last stage change
    • customize your time range accordingly

    Someone else out there maybe has a better solution.