Pipedrive Caller - Is there a way to eliminate the extra step of choosing calling method?

Martin Adey
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Hi There- 

Loving the pipedrive caller. I plan to roll it out for our team, if we can solve a couple minor issues.

I want to default to caller all the time, so this step of choosing my "Calling Method" is redundant. 

Is it possible to eliminate this step?

The two extra clicks slow things down a bit, and add a layer of undue complexity for agents.

Thank you!


Can I skip this screen, and just dial using Caller?
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  • Martin Adey
    Martin Adey Posts: 2
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    I should add-- the Pipedrive Caller settings options (below) do not show the "pipedrive caller" option for a default, as described in this post.


    CHoosing "Default "callto" handler" or "Default phone call handler" does not eliminate the step.

    Excerpt from linked post re: setting up caller
    No "Pipedrive Calling" setting. 
  • Mikael Ahonen | mikaelahonen.com
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    Having the same issue. Would be interested to call directly from the leads inbox by Pipedrive caller.