Tracking projects after a win. How do you use Pipedrive to manage lets say assigning tasks to your p

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I work for a LED lighting manufacturer. We currently use Copper, and I want us to move to Pipedrive. Copper has a section for Projects, things that have to happen after a sale happens (ours has To Do, In Progress, and Done in a board view). Is there anything like that in Pipedrive? I know there is an integration to Trello, but I'd like to keep it all in Pipedrive rather than then go to a third party app.



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    Won deals can still have activities in Pipedrive.

    You can use automation to create all the activities when the deal is marked done.

    Assign it to the right people, which means, the other folks who are not actively selling also need a Pipedrive account. I have set it up like that for my clients and it works wonderfully for them. These activities will simply show up in their list of activities to do.

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    Hi @Jason Stewart 

    The easiest way is indeed as @Amit Sarda explained. Many of our users create an additional Project Management pipeline. The won deal can continue there and indeed have activities and tasks linked to it to bring the project eventually to a close as well. 

    Different users/team members can then focus on deals in different pipelines.

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    Agree 100%. Also, some projects have nothing to do with a win or loss. In an ideal world, I don’t want to use another app that could possibly be done in Pipedrive 

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    I wanted to figure out this by creating another pipeline as @Mike van der Valk suggested for following up the stages after Sales Pipeline when a deal is won and begins to be delivered as a project, for example. This I named as Project Pipeline with stages Preparation, In progress, Delivered and Closed.

    The problem is that just duplicating a deal and moving it to Project Pipeline won’t work, as either the sales statistics is lost, or the deal activities are not following into the delivery funnel (duplicating a deal will copy neither the days spent in different stages nor the activities and their content).

    My requirements for handling these two pipelines and associated deals were:

    • Original deal to be marked as won must retain all its content, most importantly the deal value and time spent at different stages to keep up Sales Pipeline statistics about deal flow.
    • The new deal in Project Pipeline must get all the activities and notes from the original deal to maintain the communication history with the customer for seamless continuity from sales to delivery.

    Please read the whole story here:

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    @Jason Stewart @Joe Welsh @Janne Pitkänen And everyone else interested in Project management who's reading this. We're starting the research phase for Project management in Pipedrive now. In case you are excited to contribute and help shape this part of Pipedrive then please join the channel here and introduce yourself there 🚀🚀.