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Is there a way to view upcoming expiring subscriptions of won deals or view the list of all deals and sort by subscription expiry date? This would help me determine which deals to try to renew. 

I'm new to pipedrive so appreciate the help as I'm learning my way around the CRM.


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  • Jason Prosnitz
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    I agree this would be useful. I ended doing something not ideal and even with a workflow, still requires me to look at subscription vs used to trigger it. (The automation simply creates a new deal when I move the deal from one won stage to the final won stage - like I said, not ideal and reactive vs pro-active)

    I’m new enough that maybe I’m missing something - but this also ties back to not bringing the product catalogue into full use with the rest of Pipedrive features (IMHO). I’ve got to believe, however, that the PM team at PipeDrive hasn’t missed this (it’s an obvious re-engagement usecase). So yeah - would love to know the plan as well.


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Jennifer Stannard 

    You should be able to add the subscriptions to the deals in Pipedrive and view them in the insights reports as discussed here:

    On the reports you can narrow down what churn is upcoming and approach these customers to renew with you.