Email sync broken forever with "hidden" update

Stephen Phillips
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So nearly all of my emails have disappeared from Pipedrive  - and HUGELY critical ones.  

 Pipedrive has gone and added the following note to the email sync without telling anyone!

"Deleting emails in your email client will always delete emails in Pipedrive."

I have been advised by their support staff on chat that unless you leave every email you ever send in your inbox, then it will be deleted against the customer record.  So many critical emails are now gone forever with this update by stealth and is Pipedrive seriously expecting everyone to leave the hundreds of thousands of emails in their outlook inbox forever?

I was told it has always been like this but cannot be true as still have many emails (deleted from outlook) that are still associated with some contacts. Confused? Yes and so am I? 

This is ludicrous as unless those emails reappear we now have no proof some important legal ones were sent. This is utter madness and unless fixed, suggest they will have lots of legal issues from angry clients. 

What is going on here Pipedrive and anyone else here having the same issue?



  • Clarissa Silvino
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    Hello Stephen. This is Clarissa from Pipedrive Support Management team - nice to meet you and thank you for reaching out.

    I'm really sorry you're experiencing this issue with your email sync and the behaviour it is not the one you're expecting. I totally understand your side and can relate with your feeling, but if you allow me to explain I must say that, as far as I know, this setting was always related to the email sync feature - so it's not something we updated without informing you. 

    Nonetheless, if you're saying a certain behaviour was working for you in the past, then we have to investigate what might be happening and try to reproduce this, in order to help you the best way possible. I see our team is already assisting you and I'm working closely to them as well.

    Once again, thank you for your approach and our apologies for any inconvenience.