Dashboard expansion and sharing capabilities / permissions

Hi guys,

I think it is critical to have these 2 features on your dashboards . 

1- Enable to make the shared links private - I dont want any of these information to fall into someone external, these are focused on driving performance internally so I dont think they should be external or at least have both options.

2-Make the graphs expandable- the graphs are beautiful and the design is great but not being able to see what exactly takes you to that number to drive action its not ideal.

I know some other people have asked for this. Is there an option to get a timeline on when we think these 2 areas are going to be resolved?

Thank you


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    Hi @Luis Martinez 

    Thanks for reaching out. I've added the "feedback" tag to your post so our team sees it. Regarding ETA, unfortunately there is not one I can give you right now. Our team will first be working on getting the goals area in our new insights.