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Hi team,

We're a manufacturer based in New Zealand and use a lot of digital strategies to conduct our business worldwide. From Google and social advertising, through to content marketing, lead magnets etc etc.

Our next initiatives revolve around implementing both a marketing automation platform, and an Account Based Marketing (ABM) platform into our business.

Over the last 2 weeks we have spent 12+ hours on video calls with various "well known" Marketing Automation and ABM platform providers. We are prioritizing ABM over Marketing Automation as we feel it will provide the biggest bang-for-buck for our company.

We think we might be getting close to locking in an ABM provider, however, we are still looking for an automated marketing platform (in particular email nurturing) that we can implement within our company, and ideally that is closely linked to Pipedrive.

The big players in these two spaces have Big price tags, in excess of 20-40,000 USD per annum, so if we lock in a "big-player" ABM platform, we're looking for a simpler monthly subscription for a marketing automation system - I'm thinking in the $100-250 USD/month price range ;) 

I thought I would pop a question up on here because I know you guys always provide great advice and there will be experts in this field.

The bare minimum feature set we want is:

  • Email sequences that can be triggered by a change of something* in a Pipedrive deal
  • Ideally great deliverability / ability to purchase a unique IP address
  • Two way data flow between the platform and Pipedrive to provide our sales team with feedback on opens etc without needing to dig, and allowing us to trigger a certain sequence depending on (for instance) a single-choice field in Pipedrive (e.g. interested in T-Shirts (or) interested in Shorts)

*the "something" could be deal stage change, custom field changed to "start nurture" etc etc.

Anyway, happy to provide further details etc, but thought I would leave this here now and will see what you all can tell me! 

Andrew from BISON
New Zealand