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Peter Boyd
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When Pipedrive recently made the switch to the new layout and removed the old reports instead for insights, it has truly made some very big challenges for seeing a snapshot of completed activities as a company.  The old report was fully clickable (all numbers could click through to deals and other reports).  The old report you could copy and paste to Excel.  The old report contained all the necessary fields such as "notes" and "next activity".  The new report only shows 12 reps at a time instead of scrollable.  Most numbers are not clickable.  Way less fields available, and in particular the notes and next activity fields are not available.  

I have worked a lot with Pipedrive support, but haven't really made good progress.  I have to assume many others out there are struggling with this change.  The old reports were a great way to keep reps accountable, and also keep up to date on progress within different accounts.

Will this be updated, and soon?  Needed ASAP, as it is greatly affecting our management team.

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    Hi @Peter Boyd ,

    First of all, thanks a lot for providing valuable feedback on Insights. I will add some notes here regarding your comments, but I'd be very happy to have a call with you to go through your pain points and see how I can help you as well as share future plans for Insights. Let me know if it works for you and would write you an email.

    • "The old report was fully clickable" - in Insights you can click on the dashboard widget and report detail view will open where you can see all the report details, access the list view (from the table block or by clicking on the columns/bars), export the results and change the report accordingly to your needs. In addition, we will add an update soon so that you can open your list view straight from the dashboard (without a need to open a report detail view first)
    • "The old report you could copy and paste to Excel." - We released Export to XLS and CSV for Insights last week. Open your report -> Click on the column you would like to export -> Click Export results in the right upper corner.
    • "The old report contained all the necessary fields such as "notes" and "next activity"." - "Next activity date" is available for the Insights table. You can add it to your table by clicking on the "wheel" icon and selecting the field that you would like to be visible for you.
    • "The new report only shows 12 reps at a time instead of scrollable." - Old reports showed max 10 users per report. Insights shows 12 + it has pagination so you can view the next 12 items. It's done this way to keep the reports and widget not too cluttered.
    • "Way less fields available" - We do not support text fields yet but it's in our plans. In addition to the default field Insights also supports custom fields, if you are on a professional plan.
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    Hi @Peter Boyd !

    On top of what my colleague @Seda mentioned above, we know it can feel like things change faster than you can keep up with sometimes, so here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line:

    • Follow What’s New and don’t miss any new releases.
    • Follow What's Planned to know what we're working on currently and what’s to come.
    • Join our Research and Beta Testing channel for the chance to try out early versions and give us your opinion about new and improved features before they go live.